English Premier League Schedule

English Premier League Schedule

English Premier League Schedule

8.2.3. Numbers and options participating in the English premier league fix draw

The details of the stake recorded when subscribing to the ABO+ service (choice of draw days, options if applicable, single or multiple stake, Joker+®) cannot be modified during the subscription period. Unless otherwise stated in one of the special regulations for draw games offering the Abo + service, the numbers chosen by the player or randomly generated by the English premier league fix System, on the day of subscription, participate in the draws selected for the entire subscription period of the service as defined in sub-article 8.3. subject to the provisions of sub-article 8.2.2. In the event of participation in Joker+® in addition to taking a bet in another drawing game, the English premier league fix numbers are generated randomly with each new English premier league fix betting recorded.

8.2.4. Payment of winnings to the online wallet of the ENGLISH PREMIER LEAGUE FIX account

The payment of winnings on the online wallet of the ENGLISH PREMIER LEAGUE FIX account is made at the end of each draw in which the player participates in accordance with the conditions referred to in Article 11 of these general conditions.

8.3.1. English Premier League Fix subscription

The player subscribes to the ABO+ service for an indefinite period. He retains the right to terminate his subscription to the service at any time. However, in the event of a request for termination of the subscription to the service, the bets already recorded for future draws cannot be canceled. The player can cancel the subscription to the ABO + service from his ENGLISH PREMIER LEAGUE FIX account, in the “ABO +” section from a fixed or mobile terminal.


Premierleague Fix

8.3.3. Premierleague fix today

Any blocking of the Premierleague Fix account or any temporary exclusion results in the suspension of the ABO + service during which no new betting will be recorded. Once the PREMIERLEAGUE FIX account has been reactivated, the ABO+ service will resume under the same conditions prior to the suspension of the ABO+ service. From the reactivation of the PREMIERLEAGUE FIX account, the registration of premierleague fix today bets takes place under the conditions detailed in sub-article 8.2.1, i.e. 6 days before the entry draw. No play is therefore recorded for draws taking place within 6 days of reactivation. Nevertheless, as bets are recorded very early in the morning of the 6th day before the participation draw, players whose service is reactivated on the 6th day before the chosen participation draw are invited to check whether the bets have been or not registered for this draw.

Players are informed by email in the event of a modification of the conditions applicable to the Premierleague fix service within 15 days preceding the effective date of the modification. As long as the modification has not entered into force, no bet relating to the subsequent draw can be recorded. Any player who does not wish to continue the service with these new terms and conditions may terminate the premierleague fix today service until the date of entry into force of the modification. On the effective date of the modification, stakes for future draws will be recorded under the conditions referred to in sub-article 8.2.1.

9.1. Any transfer of all or part of the available funds from the player’s online premierleague fix wallet to his payment account requires the player to have completed the following formalities beforehand.

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